BBQ Porch - Rear Covered Deck Area
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Convert cargo space on any size trailer to an open BBQ Porch/Covered Deck Area. This does not extend the length of the trailer, this simply converts cargo space to a finished porch area. Your choice of ATP (Aluminum Tread Plate) finished ceiling. For Flooring, you can choose 2"x6" Pressure Treated Wood, ATP or Expanded Metal (Mesh) covered floor, and choice of having it completely open, with rails and gate, or with a half wall all the way around with gate across the rear. Side door may be moved to open into cargo area or a second door may be added for an additional charge. Additional recommended options would be a porch light for an additional charge. A second gate may also be added for an additional charge. Please note in the instructions where you would like your gate to be located, driver or passenger side or no gate.


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